Take a peep!!

17 Feb

Hello everyone!

Today I, Yuki, would love to let you take a sneak peep at some of our products!
As we have not got our products with us just yet, I can’t show you all the products but hopefully I will give you an idea of what kind of stuff we are going to sell!

Okay let’s begin, shall we?

Have you seen cards like this before?! Well, I haven’t!
This is a very unique and indeed cute birthday card. You can put the pieces together and it will look like a real cake! Yes it is 3D! Just like films these days, why don’t we make our cards in 3D too?? It is just so different from others that people will be impressed! You may not even need to buy a present anymore if you give such a pretty card to your lovely birthday girl or boy!

Here’s another card. This is one of my favourite!

Just like real matryoshka doll, this card has got different sizes of its dolls. Isn’t it cute?! It’s a pop-up card. When you open the card, those matryoshka dolls stand up, smiling at you! Again this card is very different from ordinary cards and very fun!



Those ones are bookmarks. You can use them like post-it but these ones make your notebooks, books or even your boring paperwork look very pretty and fun! We have lots and lots more different designs and shapes! I will let you know once I have photos to upload here! Just be careful… They are incredibly cute! I will have to buy many of them from,,, well, myself!!

That’s it for today! I wish I could show you all already!

By the way, my colleague is in Japan at the moment! I will ask her to send me some photos of Japan, especially something cute! (maybe I didn’t even need to mention that!)

I hope you enjoyed the blog and are getting excited with our Japanese products!!

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice day. Bye for now!!


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