Is she your type?

7 Mar

Hi everyone,

Today I am very excited to show you more of our products.  We finally got all the products (yay!) and are nearly ready to go!  Just bear with us.  It’s nearly there!

We have been uploading our products’ photos on Products pages and you can see a lot more there, but I picked up some of them and am going to have a look at them with you here.

Firstly our Dress up stickers.
Rather than explaining with my stupid words, I’d better show you first.



Here they are.
As you can see they are very cute girls and its sweet clothes.  Just like Barbie, you can change her clothes, bags, shoes and hair!  Only difference is that they are stickers and also that they have so many different styles too!  Barbie’s long blonde hair is not your style?  Change it!  You can get them changed as much as you like.  You are their fashion stylist!  There are so many different types of girls and styles.  I’m pretty sure you will find what you like. (see more girls on our Products pages)
What’s more, the girls body shapes are all same so that you can swap clothes with other girls too!

We also have sticker books for those girls.


They look like a pretty room for the girls.  So once you dress up the girls and want to store your collection of their clothes, bags and shoes as well as the girls, you will only need to stick them on them and get them changed whenever you like.  The product has been designed so that you can apply and remove the sticker as many times as you wish.
This is very cool and handy to have because you can use them over and over rather than putting somewhere and that’s it!

There are more and more stickers on our Products pages so enjoy a little trip there!  You will find a lot of pretty stickers you can’t wait to get!!

Thanks for reading!  Hope you liked our girls!

Have a good day!!

Yuki x


2 Responses to “Is she your type?”

  1. Youran 07/03/2012 at 11:47 pm #

    I like the first one most! Super cute:)

    • mocomoco_tokyo 08/03/2012 at 8:18 pm #

      Hi Youran, thank you for your lovely comment and I am glad you liked it (or her?). 🙂

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