eBay shop OPEN!!

15 Mar

Hi everyone!

We have been working very hard lately just for this, Yes our shop is open now on eBay!!


I’m very happy to be able to finally update our progress.

Some of the products might not be appeared on eBay shop yet because We have just done it and sometimes it takes a few hours to one day to update.

Remember you can check all the products here on this blog too. Our eBay shop is there to actually buy them. However please have a look at our eBay shop for more conditions, postage and stuff.

Also we ordered our business cards today. Very excited!!

Why don’t you upgrade your business cards with our petit stickers like us?

The cards in this photo are just temporary ones. I used one of our products Rainbowman!

They are so small that they can be added on anywhere, like small thank you note?

They are adorable!!

Or they are perfect size to decorate your mobile phones!! This is my iPhone dressed up nicely:)

I used only Rainbow man but of course it’s the same for any other Petit series. They are great at fitting anywhere!!

Hope you like our products and eBay shop.
Looking forward to your orders!!



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