Extra Heart

17 Mar

Good afternoon everyone!

Yay!! Weekend!!! How are you all doing? Just being lazy in the bed? It’s okay, I won’t blame you.

Unfortunately the weather is not exactly fantastic in London today. Hopefully it gets better soon. And I am sure it will. That is London.

Today is St Patrick’s day and my friend’s birthday too! I am going to her birthday do tonight. I guess I HAVE TO give her one of our lovely lovely birthday cards!! I’m pretty sure she likes it:) The question is which one! A difficult choice.

As I said in the last post, our eBay shop is open now and some items have been already sold and shipped. It is very exciting!
When we pack items, we put some extra cuteness in the envelope.

They are heart shaped Origami. We just want our customers to feel some Japanese flavour and little warmth. We are thinking of some other ideas too. If you have a good idea, let us know!
We can not guarantee that we can keep up with the volume of orders, but we will do our best to put an extra heart in every envelopes as long as we can.

Also we got this cute “thank you” stamp from Japan.

Yes it is in Japanese and many customers might not be able to read it. It means “thank you”. We use it for our invoice.

Because it is an online shop and we can never meet our customers, we want to try and make experiences with us something a bit different and a littel bit cuter than ordinary! We look forward to giving you an extra heart too♥♥

Hope you have a lovely weekend and happy St Patrick’s day!!


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