Spring has come!!

20 Mar

Good morning all!!

The first thing I opened Google Chrome this morning and saw was this.

The design is by Marimekko. I love Marimekko!!

They design very beautiful patterns and pretty stuff. Even my duvet cover has their signature flower print. I love it.

According to The Guardian, the reason why you can see such pretty Marimekko screen on Google is because today is the vernal equinox (two difficult words, it’s a secret I needed to use a dictionary!). (http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/mar/20/spring-equinox-google-doodle?newsfeed=true)

So it’s official now!! Spring has come!!! Woo hoo!!

I love spring. I love it even more since I started living in London.

I am from a place called Sapporo in Japan, which is up North and can get SERIOUSLY cold. We have lots of snow in winter. Because of that, people say “you are from Sapporo you should be fine with English winter!” The answer is no. An absolute NO from me.

I don’t know if I make sense but it really is true that once snow settles down, it doesn’t feel that cold? The temperature can get as low as 18 degrees. Oh, that’s minus buy the way. Yes that sounds serious, right? Of course it is very cold there. However it somehow feels much tougher here in London for me. It is very windy and no snow. Looks like the same as autumn but MUCH colder. Oh no, just thinking about it make me shiver. Maybe one day I’ll get used to it, maybe….

Anyway, spring is good. More colours in the scenery, warmer and more energy!!

At the same time, Spring is the toughest time to resist shopping for clothes. Just so many colourful and light clothes in the shops and you are still wearing those darker and thicker tops from winter. You feel like “YES! It’s time to buy new clothes because it is spring now!”, but hey, it’s not a bad thing girls! We can justify ourselves for a few new pieces of clothes.
Also don’t forget to check our website for your new spring stationery too!
If you are in London, enjoy the sun today and have a nice day everyone in the world too!!


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