Self-confidence? Aggressive? Ego?

22 Mar

Good afternoon everyone!!

I know it is absolutely nothing to do with our shop but did you watch “The Apprentice” last night? It was the first episode of new season.

I love The Apprentice. I guess this programme is the only one I never miss.

I’ve watched all seasons and my favourite character out of all has to be Tom, the winner of last year. I think he was the only person who never came across as aggressive or “just too much”.

I loved the way he always raise his hand to say something!!

This programme can be VERY annoying sometimes because everyone has a very strong personality and is so self-confident, which are not always bad things. As a matter of fact, it seems to be very important features to have in order to win the competition. As a Japanese, we were taught to be modest so that some people on the show really make me cringe.  The cultural difference or nationality plays a crucial role in this competition I think. Not in a racist way but every countries has their own way to do business and different concepts of politeness. I personally think Japanese people and British people have something in common when it comes to be diplomatic and polite. But I can NOT imagine a Japanese person comes to the show and win! Not in millions years!! It’s not that Japanese people don’t deserve it but you really have to be self-confident and have to push and sell yourself in front of the public and everything! I don’t think that’s very Japanese. But this is just my opinion and there are so many Japanese people (127,450,459 in 2010) that someone might be able to do it and I’d love to see some Japanese person winning on The Apprentice. Wow, that would be amazing.

I am looking forward to finding my favourite character from new season!

Have you already found one?

Have a lovely day!!


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