Birthday present

26 Mar

Hello all the lovely people who are reading this right now.

Yes that’s you. You are lovely because you are here to read mocomoco tokyo blog!

It’s fantastic weather today in London!!!

I just went to a post office to ship some orders. There is a small park on the way and people were sunbathing and kids were playing. I love it when the sun is out and everyone is out! I was very surprised to see it when I just came to this country but I loved it and completely understand the need of the sun now!

Today I want to show off something. The other day I went out with my friend. She ordered me some of our Dress-up girls stickers and a sticker’s book. She works as a nanny and it is a birthday present for a girl she looks after.

Because she is a lovely friend of mine and I decided to use my stickers to make it more special!

I put my 3D alphabet stickers to write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Sorry this is not included in our service and these alphabet stickers are a bit different from what we have for sale. Our alphabet stickers you can buy have patterns on them so please be aware of that!

But of course you can use our stickers with patterns and make it like this!

I think this is very cute way to decorate a bag or envelope of a birthday present or card!!

The girl’s birthday is a bit far away and I can’t wait for her to receive it!

Hopefully she will love it♥

Do you like this idea? Why don’t you try it??

Enjoy this beautiful day everyone!


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