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Now or never (maybe)!

31 May



As I said yesterday, I’ll list the items that have only one more stock left!!

Only one more. 

Okie dokey, here’s the list!! Are you ready?



Let me say it again, ONLY ONE more left!!

Would you like to buy any of these? Click the photo and then it will take you straight to the product page on eBay.

Looking forward to some orders from sticker lovers just like us!



You snooze, you lose!

30 May

Hi everyone!

It’s been so long since I wrote last!
While I was away from here, there was an event where mocomoco tokyo had a stall.
It was YMCA Fun Run at Priory Park in Crouch End on 20th May. The weather was sooo bad! Freezing and very very grey. Especially since we’ve had such a tropical weather from the very next day of the event till now, can’t help but wish if the event had been last week.
Yet we met very nice people and witnessed lots of happy faces looking at our stickers and cards. So it was worth it!

We recently had a massive order from a shop, already delivered all orders. I’ll let you know about the shop when I confirm with them first.
What you need to worry right now is that our stock is much less than before. Some of them were sold out, many of them have only small amount left in stock!!

These are the items with a few stock. We don’t know when we will get next order yet, so be alert!

These are only 2 more left!!







Do you find anything you like? Well, simply go to our eBay shop and take it before it’s gone!!

I’ll show you our products with only 1 stock tomorrow!!

Thank you for reading and keep enjoying the sun and heat everyone (while you can)!!

Ready to go!

9 May

Our new products are on eBay for sale now!

I’m going to show you one of the products more closely today.

All of our new cards is fantastic!! I have to get some of them for myself too, honestly!

This one is my favourite. This is such a unique and lovely card.

It comes like this.

And then when you open it, it’s like this! (I know my English is rubbish! But that’s what photos are there for, right?)

I didn’t leave that Vaseline accidentally!! I did it on purpose to give you a general idea of the size.

You can hang it by using the strings on the both ends, or the card is such a good boy (or girl?) so it stands without any help!

Like this. (Again! My vocabulary’s so poor today!)

I’m sure many people display birthday card for a bit. I’m always not sure how to put it because I don’t know which side should come to a front. Inside or outside of the card?

This way?

Or this way?

You don’t need to have this problem with this card! (or maybe no one else has the problem anyway…)

This is a birthday card (there’s a space for a message on the back) indeed but is also a decoration for a room at the same time.

This is definitely worth the money!!

I’m going to introduce more of our new babies. We hope you find the ones you love.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to visit our eBay shop to see other products!!

Have a lovely evening everyone!!

New arrival!!!

7 May

Exciting news!!

New products arrived!!!

I am going to let you take a sneak peep!!


Can you see? We have more dress-up girls stickers! And you know what! New range is all princesses!!! We know girls love princesses!!

They are very pretty and gorgeous! Beautiful dress and what’s new is that they have gems on the stickers.


We have more range of cards too! Our Russian doll card was very popular and sold out quickly. Now more designs are available too.

Please bear with us while we get everything ready. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s all on eBay.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy your bank holiday!!

I have confessions to “watch” (not to make)

4 May

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday and a bank holiday weekend!!! Yay!
Have you got any plans? Going away? or staying in?

If you opted for staying in, I have a Japanese film to recommend!

Oh I love those lazy days, staying in, grabbing crisps and chocolate, under a blanket and watching dozens of films!!

I’ve written about one of my most favourite Japanese films before. Today, it’s a second film to write about.

The film is known much better in the UK than the last film, Hana and Alice. But still not like a main stream kind of film.

The film is called “Confessions”.

“image from IMDb”

A brief storyline is,

“A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter’s death.”
(from IMDB,

This film was big in Japan. When I went back to Japan in 2010, everyone was talking about it. My mum had the book, I read it and got hooked so quickly!!! The book was so original and fantastic.

On the other hand, when I like an original novel, its films could never be as good as the book in my experience. That’s why I wasn’t expecting anything when I went to see the film in a cinema. How wrong I was!
I wouldn’t say the film was better than the book. But it was equally good and I can’t think of a film which achived that in my opinion before.

When the film came over to the UK, I had to bring my husband to a cinema. He loved it! He actually loves it more than I do now.

Once you start watching this film, you just can’t resist.

Does it sound like ones you might like? You can buy a copy of the film relatively easily.

Wow, I just checked  Amazon, it’s only £5.99 now. (

I have to get it soon!

Let me hear your opinion 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!! Hope the weather is not as gray as the past few weeks…

Hurry! Hurry!!

2 May

Hi Everyone!

Last remaining stock on our eBay shop for the following items: 

This 3D birthday card.

Only 3 left!!

The pizza sticker.

Only 2 left!!!

The Alice in wonderland sticker.


This may be your last chance to get these stickers in these designs.

You snooze you lose!!

Stock running low on other items too!

Please visit our eBay shop to check them out!!

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