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New arrival!!!

7 May

Exciting news!!

New products arrived!!!

I am going to let you take a sneak peep!!


Can you see? We have more dress-up girls stickers! And you know what! New range is all princesses!!! We know girls love princesses!!

They are very pretty and gorgeous! Beautiful dress and what’s new is that they have gems on the stickers.


We have more range of cards too! Our Russian doll card was very popular and sold out quickly. Now more designs are available too.

Please bear with us while we get everything ready. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s all on eBay.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy your bank holiday!!


Hana and Alice

23 Apr

Let’s talk about Japanese films today!

Do you like films? I love films.

How much? Hmm, I might be able to live without music if I had to but not films.

I watch both Japanese and non-Japanese films but I am going to write about Japanese films here. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you what American films are good, right?

I know it’s me who chose this topic but it is a very  tough one. The most difficult question that someone could possibly ask me is “what’s your favourite film?”. You know what I mean? I can not choose one!!

However there are a lot of films which don’t seem that many people know about and I want to introduce them here.

I picked up one of my favourite films today.

Hana and Alice

(Wikipedia, IMDb)

I don’t think this is well known film in this country and I personally think this film has been underrated.

I love looking around in Fopp (DVD/CD shop) in Covent Garden. They have lots of good but minor foreign films with good deals. I don’t think they even have copies of the film. In fact I have never seen a copy of this in any shops in London. You can buy it online though.

Anyway the film is beautiful visually and emotionally. It is a cute teenage girl’s film but not only cute but also little bitter in a way.

The director is Shunji Iwai, from  “All about Lily Chou-chou”. I think he is a master of colours on a screen. I can’t describe it well (even in Japanese) but the colour and atmosphere are just very beautiful and makes you a little bit sad. In this way Hana and Alice is a bit similar to “The Virgin Suicides“.

I love this film too!!

Some might say it’s a bit slow film but it can be funny sometime. Maybe a bit surreal which I always like!

I don’t know if this film is one of the films that only Japanese people find good or it’s just because not a single company tried to promote this film in this country. I love this film so much I have a copy of it. I know it doesn’t mean much here but in Japan DVDs are very expensive. I must have paid more than £35 for this!!!

This is my copy. The left one is All about Lily Chou-Chou. Was only £5 here in London.

I would really love to hear your opinion if you have ever watched it!


20 Apr

I have a big announcement today!

From today mocomoco tokyo takes orders from North and South America, Canada, Asia and Australia!!!
We have noticed that there were some readers from those counties and always wanted to expand the area we do business with.

We are very happy to inform the news and so look forward to orders from those countries.

Like Europe and UK, you can buy our products on eBay.


We have more announcement to share in near future. Stay tuned!!

Have a lovely day!! x


6 Apr

Good evening everyone! 

How has your Easter weekend been so far?? I had a good night out with my friends on Thursday and a lovely day with my Japanese friend today.

We talked about what we can and can not say in English.

It’s actually a kind of funny topic. For example, people say “Cheers” all the time. Our question was whether it sounds a bit weird or unnatural for us to say that.

We are not native English speakers and you can tell straight away from our accent and appearance. We are still learning English everyday and we pick up a lot of vocabularies and expressions from our everyday life.

Something like “cheers, mate” is always there. You hear it all the time.  You pick it up and then want to use it. Copying native speakers is always a great way to master another language, definitely. But me saying “cheers mate” is a bit too much, I think.  I mean I wouldn’t actually say that. No. But maybe “cheers” is fine. The thing is that it is impossible for us to tell if that sounds okay or not. My husband is a native English speaker and he told us that it is not weird at all for us to say “cheers” but it might sound like we are trying too hard if we said “innit”. It’s only his opinion and it really depends who says it, how you says it or when you says it.

It is just one silly example but what I want to say is that there is no definite rules or text books to tell us “you can say “cheers” but maybe you don’t want to say “innit” with Japanese accent”.

Am I explaining it well? Hope you know what I am trying to say. It is always a big topic for me to understand that kind of thing and I am sure if you are living in a country where people speak a different language to your mother tongue. You want to speak their language better just in order to communicate but at the same time you don’t want to sound too unnatural. Or is it only me?!


Anyway, enough of my silly English issue.

Right. Tomorrow is the day!! We are having a stall at Capel Manor Gardens tomorrow. From 11 am to 16pm. The prices for all the products are lower than eBay!! Yay!!

It is an Easter Egg Hunt event. Please come along and have a look at our lovely stuff!!!

Really looking forward to seeing you!!


Good night and Happy Easter everyone!


Indulgence Evening

27 Mar

Hi there!

Very exciting news!

On this Thursday 29th,  moocomoco tokyo is going to have a stall in a school charity event.
It is our first time to actually sell face to face rather than online.

It is at Oakthorpe Primary School, Palmers Green. The event is called an Indulgence Evening! Nice name!

It is from 6pm to 10pm.

We are going to sell many of our products. The price will be a bit cheaper than eBay price! Please don’t miss the chance!!!

We are sharing a stall with this wonderful lady who has two business!! (I know it’s cool, isn’t it?)
Especially the one of her business, Sand art is a new and fun stuff to do!! You will get a special sand art sheet with pictures on it and it is like a stickers. You peel off one bit and pour coloured sand over it and shake off the sand. Only the sand on the area you peeled will stay put. You can put any colour on pictures. I don’t think I am explaining it well! Right?
Please have a look at the website! There is a photo gallery and you will understand it with photos much better!

I played it with my 3 years old and 5 years old nephews. They loved it! It’s not too difficult but you will be absorbed in it even if you are not 3 years old any more!!

Please pop in our stall on Thursday if you live near by! It would be lovely to see you there!

Thank you for reading and have a good day! It is supposed to be another warm and nice day!

Oakthorpe Primary School
Tile Kiln Lane, London N13 6BY

Spring has come!!

20 Mar

Good morning all!!

The first thing I opened Google Chrome this morning and saw was this.

The design is by Marimekko. I love Marimekko!!

They design very beautiful patterns and pretty stuff. Even my duvet cover has their signature flower print. I love it.

According to The Guardian, the reason why you can see such pretty Marimekko screen on Google is because today is the vernal equinox (two difficult words, it’s a secret I needed to use a dictionary!). (http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/mar/20/spring-equinox-google-doodle?newsfeed=true)

So it’s official now!! Spring has come!!! Woo hoo!!

I love spring. I love it even more since I started living in London.

I am from a place called Sapporo in Japan, which is up North and can get SERIOUSLY cold. We have lots of snow in winter. Because of that, people say “you are from Sapporo you should be fine with English winter!” The answer is no. An absolute NO from me.

I don’t know if I make sense but it really is true that once snow settles down, it doesn’t feel that cold? The temperature can get as low as 18 degrees. Oh, that’s minus buy the way. Yes that sounds serious, right? Of course it is very cold there. However it somehow feels much tougher here in London for me. It is very windy and no snow. Looks like the same as autumn but MUCH colder. Oh no, just thinking about it make me shiver. Maybe one day I’ll get used to it, maybe….

Anyway, spring is good. More colours in the scenery, warmer and more energy!!

At the same time, Spring is the toughest time to resist shopping for clothes. Just so many colourful and light clothes in the shops and you are still wearing those darker and thicker tops from winter. You feel like “YES! It’s time to buy new clothes because it is spring now!”, but hey, it’s not a bad thing girls! We can justify ourselves for a few new pieces of clothes.
Also don’t forget to check our website for your new spring stationery too!
If you are in London, enjoy the sun today and have a nice day everyone in the world too!!

Extra Heart

17 Mar

Good afternoon everyone!

Yay!! Weekend!!! How are you all doing? Just being lazy in the bed? It’s okay, I won’t blame you.

Unfortunately the weather is not exactly fantastic in London today. Hopefully it gets better soon. And I am sure it will. That is London.

Today is St Patrick’s day and my friend’s birthday too! I am going to her birthday do tonight. I guess I HAVE TO give her one of our lovely lovely birthday cards!! I’m pretty sure she likes it:) The question is which one! A difficult choice.

As I said in the last post, our eBay shop is open now and some items have been already sold and shipped. It is very exciting!
When we pack items, we put some extra cuteness in the envelope.

They are heart shaped Origami. We just want our customers to feel some Japanese flavour and little warmth. We are thinking of some other ideas too. If you have a good idea, let us know!
We can not guarantee that we can keep up with the volume of orders, but we will do our best to put an extra heart in every envelopes as long as we can.

Also we got this cute “thank you” stamp from Japan.

Yes it is in Japanese and many customers might not be able to read it. It means “thank you”. We use it for our invoice.

Because it is an online shop and we can never meet our customers, we want to try and make experiences with us something a bit different and a littel bit cuter than ordinary! We look forward to giving you an extra heart too♥♥

Hope you have a lovely weekend and happy St Patrick’s day!!

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