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Little accessories for your books

16 Apr

Hi there! How are you all doing?

I’m back on mocomoco tokyo wordpress blog now!! Sorry that I have not posted for a while.

To apologise, I am going to show you my pretty sticky bookmarks!!

They are just so adorable…!!! It seems to be a bit difficult for you to imagine how they work so that I thought showing a picture of them in use might help?
All our sticky note, bookmarks are used like this. Just like post-it but way more pretty. I am sure everyone can agree with that!

My favourite at the moment is them in the photo. You can get a dog, polar bear, bird and cat all in one!!
They are not only cute but also very practical right? I think they are a must have!! The package is quite small and you can just pop it in your pen case.

By the way the event at the Easter weekend was great!! It was such fun to meet all the kids and mums there. Our dress up stickers were so pupolar with not only girls but also boys!!
We had some samples for anyone to play with and many kids just couldn’t go anywhere else. Next day a mum came back to our eBay shop and bought more because her daughter loved it.

We would love to find more opportunity to do this definitely!
Thank you for reading and have a lovely afternoon!!

See you soon! x



6 Apr

Good evening everyone! 

How has your Easter weekend been so far?? I had a good night out with my friends on Thursday and a lovely day with my Japanese friend today.

We talked about what we can and can not say in English.

It’s actually a kind of funny topic. For example, people say “Cheers” all the time. Our question was whether it sounds a bit weird or unnatural for us to say that.

We are not native English speakers and you can tell straight away from our accent and appearance. We are still learning English everyday and we pick up a lot of vocabularies and expressions from our everyday life.

Something like “cheers, mate” is always there. You hear it all the time.  You pick it up and then want to use it. Copying native speakers is always a great way to master another language, definitely. But me saying “cheers mate” is a bit too much, I think.  I mean I wouldn’t actually say that. No. But maybe “cheers” is fine. The thing is that it is impossible for us to tell if that sounds okay or not. My husband is a native English speaker and he told us that it is not weird at all for us to say “cheers” but it might sound like we are trying too hard if we said “innit”. It’s only his opinion and it really depends who says it, how you says it or when you says it.

It is just one silly example but what I want to say is that there is no definite rules or text books to tell us “you can say “cheers” but maybe you don’t want to say “innit” with Japanese accent”.

Am I explaining it well? Hope you know what I am trying to say. It is always a big topic for me to understand that kind of thing and I am sure if you are living in a country where people speak a different language to your mother tongue. You want to speak their language better just in order to communicate but at the same time you don’t want to sound too unnatural. Or is it only me?!


Anyway, enough of my silly English issue.

Right. Tomorrow is the day!! We are having a stall at Capel Manor Gardens tomorrow. From 11 am to 16pm. The prices for all the products are lower than eBay!! Yay!!

It is an Easter Egg Hunt event. Please come along and have a look at our lovely stuff!!!

Really looking forward to seeing you!!


Good night and Happy Easter everyone!


Easter Egg Hunt!!!

3 Apr

Hello everyone!!

Are you happy that it’s Easter weekend? It means less work! Oh I am sure if you are student, it’s an Easter holiday!

I told you about us having a stall again this weekend? I have now confirmed the details!!

The event is Easter Egg Hunt at Capel Manor Gardens!  We will be there on Saturday from 11am to 16pm.

There is an entrance fee but lots of things happening! I am sure you can have a good time!!

You can check more details of the event at http://www.capelmanorgardens.co.uk/events/easter-egg-hunt.html

We will be sharing a stall with the lady from Kids Bee Happy again! (http://www.kidsbeehappy.co.uk/)

Last week at the event, Kids Bee Happy attracted not only kids but also their mums. A boy was hesitating to play with it (it was offered for free as a trial) but once he started he just couldn’t stop it! Not talking at all. This is a very good way to entertain your kids!

We are offering a lower price than eBay again this Saturday. PLEASE do not miss this chance!!!

We are so excited about this Saturday!! Hope to see many of you there!!!

Have a lovely evening!!

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