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Matryoshka, the Russian doll heaven!!!

22 Jun

If you have been to our shop on eBay, you might have noticed that we have many Matryoshka, Russian doll products.

Because we know that there are many Matryoshka-addicts out there!! Hehe, I’m one of them myself.

In case you haven’t seen our Matryoshka collection, I’m going to show you all we’ve got!

We have 4 different Matryoshka cards,

Details here!

Details here!

These ones are normal size (well, what is normal size? I don’t know!) The envelope is about 10cm x 15cm.
They are absolutely adorable and beautiful. They’ve got lots of sparkling stuff on. When you open it,

Oh my goodness! They are criminally cute!
The first one is birthday card and the second one is For You card which you can use on any occasion!

These are mini cards.

Details here!

Details here!

The size of envelope is 6.5cm x 9cm. They are quite small so that you can put them on a bunch of flowers, cake boxes, anywhere really!
And of course they are very pretty when you open them as well.

It’s different from the bigger cards, yet these small dolls are very very pretty!! These ones don’t have lots of different materials on but they are glitter-coated. I know gilrs love sparking thingy! There is a blank space for a short message on the back!

Next one is not a card. It’s sticky notes.

Details here!

Again, they are super cute. To be fair, I ‘d say so about any products we sell. But trust me, I am only being honest. I wouldn’t sell anything that I don’t fall in love with!

Sorry I don’t have a sample for this and can’t take a picture of it being in use.

These are different design but you get the idea how to use, right?
We had one more Matryoshka product.  It’s a sticker.

Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock. We are not too sure when we get them next. But I’ll let you know as soon as it’s in stock. They were very popular and first ones to be sold out.

That’s all of our Matryoshka goods. Do you love Matryoshka like us?

Let me know which one you like most!!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!  I’m going to BBC Radio 1 festival tomorrow! Yay!!


More events!

30 Mar

Hi everyone,

It’s friday, YEAH!!
The weather has been fantastic this week in London and I bet so many people found it hard to go to work when the weather is so nice outside.

The event last night was great. It wasn’t a huge one but there were these amazing girls. They loved our Dress-up girls stickers so much! One of the girl had to go to her mum to get more money to get another one after purchasing a sticker and a sticker book. She actually repeated that 3 times!!! We even made heart shape Origami together!!
It was really nice to see people’s reaction when they see our products. We can’t have a peek when you are looking at the computer screen at home. It was very meaningful to us!

So now we are having a stall again next weekend! Why not!! We havn’t comfirmed all the details about the event yet, I will let you know here as soon as I find out!!
It is going to be a big event, we are so looking forward to it! Hopefully I can meet a lot of people and share “aww, I can’t choose one!!” moments like yesterday with more girls!!!

I haven’t posted any photos last few days, so I’m going to show you my Nintendo 3DS.

I have decorated with our adorable Felt Panda stickers. It’s quite tricky to show you the texture of this sticker. It is felt material and it’s kind of fluffy.

This is more close-up. Sorry I don’t have a nice camera with me! Can you see it is not just a flat plain sticker?
I love this sticker!! My 3DS is black and panda does the great job on it!!

How about a little decoration on your “can’t-live-without” gadgets??

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

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