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You snooze, you lose!

30 May

Hi everyone!

It’s been so long since I wrote last!
While I was away from here, there was an event where mocomoco tokyo had a stall.
It was YMCA Fun Run at Priory Park in Crouch End on 20th May. The weather was sooo bad! Freezing and very very grey. Especially since we’ve had such a tropical weather from the very next day of the event till now, can’t help but wish if the event had been last week.
Yet we met very nice people and witnessed lots of happy faces looking at our stickers and cards. So it was worth it!

We recently had a massive order from a shop, already delivered all orders. I’ll let you know about the shop when I confirm with them first.
What you need to worry right now is that our stock is much less than before. Some of them were sold out, many of them have only small amount left in stock!!

These are the items with a few stock. We don’t know when we will get next order yet, so be alert!

These are only 2 more left!!







Do you find anything you like? Well, simply go to our eBay shop and take it before it’s gone!!

I’ll show you our products with only 1 stock tomorrow!!

Thank you for reading and keep enjoying the sun and heat everyone (while you can)!!



6 Apr

Good evening everyone! 

How has your Easter weekend been so far?? I had a good night out with my friends on Thursday and a lovely day with my Japanese friend today.

We talked about what we can and can not say in English.

It’s actually a kind of funny topic. For example, people say “Cheers” all the time. Our question was whether it sounds a bit weird or unnatural for us to say that.

We are not native English speakers and you can tell straight away from our accent and appearance. We are still learning English everyday and we pick up a lot of vocabularies and expressions from our everyday life.

Something like “cheers, mate” is always there. You hear it all the time.  You pick it up and then want to use it. Copying native speakers is always a great way to master another language, definitely. But me saying “cheers mate” is a bit too much, I think.  I mean I wouldn’t actually say that. No. But maybe “cheers” is fine. The thing is that it is impossible for us to tell if that sounds okay or not. My husband is a native English speaker and he told us that it is not weird at all for us to say “cheers” but it might sound like we are trying too hard if we said “innit”. It’s only his opinion and it really depends who says it, how you says it or when you says it.

It is just one silly example but what I want to say is that there is no definite rules or text books to tell us “you can say “cheers” but maybe you don’t want to say “innit” with Japanese accent”.

Am I explaining it well? Hope you know what I am trying to say. It is always a big topic for me to understand that kind of thing and I am sure if you are living in a country where people speak a different language to your mother tongue. You want to speak their language better just in order to communicate but at the same time you don’t want to sound too unnatural. Or is it only me?!


Anyway, enough of my silly English issue.

Right. Tomorrow is the day!! We are having a stall at Capel Manor Gardens tomorrow. From 11 am to 16pm. The prices for all the products are lower than eBay!! Yay!!

It is an Easter Egg Hunt event. Please come along and have a look at our lovely stuff!!!

Really looking forward to seeing you!!


Good night and Happy Easter everyone!


Easter Egg Hunt!!!

3 Apr

Hello everyone!!

Are you happy that it’s Easter weekend? It means less work! Oh I am sure if you are student, it’s an Easter holiday!

I told you about us having a stall again this weekend? I have now confirmed the details!!

The event is Easter Egg Hunt at Capel Manor Gardens!  We will be there on Saturday from 11am to 16pm.

There is an entrance fee but lots of things happening! I am sure you can have a good time!!

You can check more details of the event at http://www.capelmanorgardens.co.uk/events/easter-egg-hunt.html

We will be sharing a stall with the lady from Kids Bee Happy again! (http://www.kidsbeehappy.co.uk/)

Last week at the event, Kids Bee Happy attracted not only kids but also their mums. A boy was hesitating to play with it (it was offered for free as a trial) but once he started he just couldn’t stop it! Not talking at all. This is a very good way to entertain your kids!

We are offering a lower price than eBay again this Saturday. PLEASE do not miss this chance!!!

We are so excited about this Saturday!! Hope to see many of you there!!!

Have a lovely evening!!

More events!

30 Mar

Hi everyone,

It’s friday, YEAH!!
The weather has been fantastic this week in London and I bet so many people found it hard to go to work when the weather is so nice outside.

The event last night was great. It wasn’t a huge one but there were these amazing girls. They loved our Dress-up girls stickers so much! One of the girl had to go to her mum to get more money to get another one after purchasing a sticker and a sticker book. She actually repeated that 3 times!!! We even made heart shape Origami together!!
It was really nice to see people’s reaction when they see our products. We can’t have a peek when you are looking at the computer screen at home. It was very meaningful to us!

So now we are having a stall again next weekend! Why not!! We havn’t comfirmed all the details about the event yet, I will let you know here as soon as I find out!!
It is going to be a big event, we are so looking forward to it! Hopefully I can meet a lot of people and share “aww, I can’t choose one!!” moments like yesterday with more girls!!!

I haven’t posted any photos last few days, so I’m going to show you my Nintendo 3DS.

I have decorated with our adorable Felt Panda stickers. It’s quite tricky to show you the texture of this sticker. It is felt material and it’s kind of fluffy.

This is more close-up. Sorry I don’t have a nice camera with me! Can you see it is not just a flat plain sticker?
I love this sticker!! My 3DS is black and panda does the great job on it!!

How about a little decoration on your “can’t-live-without” gadgets??

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

Discount + Discount!!!

29 Mar

Who doesn’t like discount?

I’m sure everyone doesn’t mind some discount, right?


So we will give you some discount!! Yay!!

As I said in the last post, we are having a stall at a school event today. The price is cheaper than the one on eBay. However, we will give you more discount!! Yes, we are feeling quite generous today.

If you tell us that you read our blog, we will give you 10% discount on the top of the already discounted price! How does that sound? Not bad not bad?

So your discount code is going to  be “I read your blog!” that’s all! Nice and easy.

The event is at Oakthorpe primary school, Indulgence Evening. It starts from 6pm and finishes at 10pm.

The address is Tile Kiln Lane, London N13 6BY

Hope the weather knows how to behave well today!!!

Looking forward to see you there!!!

Indulgence Evening

27 Mar

Hi there!

Very exciting news!

On this Thursday 29th,  moocomoco tokyo is going to have a stall in a school charity event.
It is our first time to actually sell face to face rather than online.

It is at Oakthorpe Primary School, Palmers Green. The event is called an Indulgence Evening! Nice name!

It is from 6pm to 10pm.

We are going to sell many of our products. The price will be a bit cheaper than eBay price! Please don’t miss the chance!!!

We are sharing a stall with this wonderful lady who has two business!! (I know it’s cool, isn’t it?)
Especially the one of her business, Sand art is a new and fun stuff to do!! You will get a special sand art sheet with pictures on it and it is like a stickers. You peel off one bit and pour coloured sand over it and shake off the sand. Only the sand on the area you peeled will stay put. You can put any colour on pictures. I don’t think I am explaining it well! Right?
Please have a look at the website! There is a photo gallery and you will understand it with photos much better!

I played it with my 3 years old and 5 years old nephews. They loved it! It’s not too difficult but you will be absorbed in it even if you are not 3 years old any more!!

Please pop in our stall on Thursday if you live near by! It would be lovely to see you there!

Thank you for reading and have a good day! It is supposed to be another warm and nice day!

Oakthorpe Primary School
Tile Kiln Lane, London N13 6BY
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