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Are you good at organising schedule?

25 Apr

Do you have a dairy or organiser?

Today I am going to show you a great way to use our petit stickers.

I buy a dairy every year. Even though I have iPhone and I can organise my schedule with it, I still prefer to have a dairy to actually write down my plans. Don’t tell me I am old-fashioned!

This is my last year’s diary. I love moomin! Mine was Little My. Lovely!

My "Little My" diary from last year!

Shall we look inside?

Look at that!

Those petit stickers made your month so playful and fun!! Organising schedule might not be the most enjoyable thing to do but they help you enejoy it more and actually make you good at organising schedule!!

So? How about getting a new diary AND our stickers?? Everyone around you will be jealous!!

Only two more days till Friday people!! Not long to go!!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!


eBay shop OPEN!!

15 Mar

Hi everyone!

We have been working very hard lately just for this, Yes our shop is open now on eBay!!


I’m very happy to be able to finally update our progress.

Some of the products might not be appeared on eBay shop yet because We have just done it and sometimes it takes a few hours to one day to update.

Remember you can check all the products here on this blog too. Our eBay shop is there to actually buy them. However please have a look at our eBay shop for more conditions, postage and stuff.

Also we ordered our business cards today. Very excited!!

Why don’t you upgrade your business cards with our petit stickers like us?

The cards in this photo are just temporary ones. I used one of our products Rainbowman!

They are so small that they can be added on anywhere, like small thank you note?

They are adorable!!

Or they are perfect size to decorate your mobile phones!! This is my iPhone dressed up nicely:)

I used only Rainbow man but of course it’s the same for any other Petit series. They are great at fitting anywhere!!

Hope you like our products and eBay shop.
Looking forward to your orders!!


Where did you get those?

21 Feb

Hi everyone,

I am going to write something a bit different today.  It’s not about our products, it’s more about cultural differences!

As you may know I am Japanese and live in London.  It’s actually quite funny to see how often people give me compliments on my clothes, shoes or lately my iPhone case (photo at the bottom of the page)!  I get that occasionally.

This is my No.1 compliment receiver.

Why is it funny?  Oh, please don’t stop reading!  I’m not showing off!  It’s funny because most of the time it’s something I bought in Japan.

I don’t really get compliments on my boots from Aldo but I get a lot on the ones from Japan.
On the other hand, when I go back to Japan on my holiday, my friends all say “KAWAII (it means cute in Japanese)” on my stuff from London.  You see my point?

It’s true that people always have more desire to have something they can’t get easily, I admit.  But they don’t even know if it could be from Japan when they ask me “Where did you get the dress?” secretly in Topshop.  Or when friends tell me ” I love your boots!”.  It’s more like they genuisly thought it was nice enough to be a bit brave to talk to a stranger on the street with the hope of getting the same one (okay maybe my friends were only being nice and polite to me).

When I tell them “Oh I bought them in Japan” I can see their dissapointment.  Sorry love but what can I do for you?  Well, I am actually opening my online shop where you can buy Japanese stuff!   No, only joking, I haven’t done that (yet)!
Before I moved to London, I was crazy about “Western stationery”.
I’d rather pay more to get a pen from Bic.  Yep, the Bic pen that just came up to your mind is the one I am talking about.

How much is it here?  I think I paid 50p max for this pen here in London although I used to pay more than £1.50 in Japan.  I still love this pen but as you know it’s nothing special here and you can even buy in your local corner shop.  But I used to travel to big stationery shops like LOFT, Tokyu Hands or Plaza (those shops are amazing if you’ve never heard of them by the way!) in Japan to get the pen.  I’m sure that sounds silly to you.
I guess one’s sense of value can vary according to where you are from or live.  It’s very interesting and I like the difference.

Hold on a sec.  I am not trying to say that stuff you find cute here is some rubbish in Japan!!  That’s absolutely not what I am saying!  Something so normal to you can be very special to others.  I appreciate Japanese stuff I love much more now because that’s not something I can get at my local shop. You never know! One day when you are somewhere you can’t get a Bic pen, you realise how much you loved them! ! (or maybe not)
But seriously it was one of the reasons why we started our shop.  I know I said I was crazy about Western stationery but I love Japanese stationery too. I collect all the pretty little stuff like you do hopefully?

We thought it would be great if we could help you find and get what you want from Japan and we can share the joy!  They might be small things but they make a big difference to everyday life!

One last thing before I go.
This is my iPhone case.

Even a guy at Apple store’s genuise bar who must see hundreds of iPhone case everyday told me he had never seen it and loved it!
I love my super massage hero too! And yes my friend bought it for me in Japan.
Thank you for reading! (It was quite long, wasn’t it?)
Have a lovely day!!

Yuki x

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