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Are you good at organising schedule?

25 Apr

Do you have a dairy or organiser?

Today I am going to show you a great way to use our petit stickers.

I buy a dairy every year. Even though I have iPhone and I can organise my schedule with it, I still prefer to have a dairy to actually write down my plans. Don’t tell me I am old-fashioned!

This is my last year’s diary. I love moomin! Mine was Little My. Lovely!

My "Little My" diary from last year!

Shall we look inside?

Look at that!

Those petit stickers made your month so playful and fun!! Organising schedule might not be the most enjoyable thing to do but they help you enejoy it more and actually make you good at organising schedule!!

So? How about getting a new diary AND our stickers?? Everyone around you will be jealous!!

Only two more days till Friday people!! Not long to go!!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!


Indulgence Evening

27 Mar

Hi there!

Very exciting news!

On this Thursday 29th,  moocomoco tokyo is going to have a stall in a school charity event.
It is our first time to actually sell face to face rather than online.

It is at Oakthorpe Primary School, Palmers Green. The event is called an Indulgence Evening! Nice name!

It is from 6pm to 10pm.

We are going to sell many of our products. The price will be a bit cheaper than eBay price! Please don’t miss the chance!!!

We are sharing a stall with this wonderful lady who has two business!! (I know it’s cool, isn’t it?)
Especially the one of her business, Sand art is a new and fun stuff to do!! You will get a special sand art sheet with pictures on it and it is like a stickers. You peel off one bit and pour coloured sand over it and shake off the sand. Only the sand on the area you peeled will stay put. You can put any colour on pictures. I don’t think I am explaining it well! Right?
Please have a look at the website! There is a photo gallery and you will understand it with photos much better!

I played it with my 3 years old and 5 years old nephews. They loved it! It’s not too difficult but you will be absorbed in it even if you are not 3 years old any more!!

Please pop in our stall on Thursday if you live near by! It would be lovely to see you there!

Thank you for reading and have a good day! It is supposed to be another warm and nice day!

Oakthorpe Primary School
Tile Kiln Lane, London N13 6BY
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